About us

"It is crucial that the works in the project add up to a collection"

Osage Art Consultancy is part of the Osage Group which specializes in commercial art projects. With a multi-disciplinary background in art and design, our team provides different skills and resources for each project. Osage Art Consultancy understands project timelines and possesses the technical knowledge required. We work closely with each client and consultant to fulfill the project brief and budget. Our vision is to curate an art project which challenges the usual perception in a specific space. To inspire, to challenge, to create new opportunities in the community through art - that's Osage Art Consultancy.

Our services

• Work closely with differant parties (such as the client, operator, interior designers, lighting consultant, etc.) to develop the ideas
• Budget discussion
• Develop concepts for integrating art into the design of the hotel, which will determine the type and number of artworks required


• Select images for client's approval based on the concept and budget assigned
• Present overall artwork design documentation for the various areas complete with schedule of artworks and location plans. Images reference, samples to indicate style, subject and medium will be presented at this phase

Procurement & Installation

• Commission artworks with artists, agencies, and suppliers to ensure that conceptual direction is followed
• Handle payment to artists, agencies, and suppliers
• Arrange and coordinate with artists and contractors to install all the artworks
• Supervise the handling of all the artworks at site
• Inspect and ensure the proper lighting to display all the artworks